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Q: What is COREX’s core business?

A: COREX provides specialist services primarily in the analysis of geological samples for the oil and gas industry. COREX is established as one of the world’s leading Core Analysis providers offering services to the major oil and gas companies worldwide in the core areas of Routine Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, PVT, NMR, Formation Damage Analysis, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Reservoir Geology. COREX also provide training opportunities and consultancy services to our global client base offering independent advice and information to assist your company today!

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Q: Where does COREX operate?

A: The main COREX head office is situated in the United Kingdom (Aberdeen) with established overseas laboratories in Egypt (Cairo), Libya (Tripoli), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) and Kazakhstan (Atyrau). COREX also have associations with laboratories in Malaysia, Spain, India, Russia and Columbia to enhance our worldwide presence.

Q: How do I know which COREX location offers which services?

A: COREX has established a network of core analysis laboratories so that we can deliver a high level of services to our worldwide clients. Our laboratory in Aberdeen, United Kingdom acts as our parent or guardian and also provides support, technical expertise and training to our international laboratories in order to assist with regional and global service demand. Click here to download a copy of the COREX Company Profile which provides further information of COREX global laboratories’ and service offerings.

Q: How many people does COREX employ?

A: Across our worldwide laboratories and locations COREX employs over 250 individuals all bringing value and dedication to our core business, mission and vision for the future.

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Q: Why choose COREX?

A: A combination of our technology and advanced knowledge of our expert geologists and engineers, means COREX is driven to deliver detailed solutions with the potential to reduce drilling costs, optimise recovery and increase the length of the production life of a field.

COREX is committed to providing a top quality service, using state of the art equipment, techniques and personnel for a range of services tailored to the requirements of the client.

Q: Who are COREX main clients?

A: Over the last 35 years COREX have built up a wealth of experience and are in the leading market position to give independent advice and recommendations to assist with client problems. We work with exploration and production companies throughout the world, including Super Majors, International Oil Companies, National Oil Companies and Independents.

Q: How would you rate the degree of technical innovation COREX have brought into activities undertaken in the last 12 Months?

A: COREX are considered World Leaders in Formation Damage, and are the forefront of technical innovation. In 2012 COREX have developed many new techniques applicable to our core services. This degree of innovation has required substantial financial investment.

Technical innovation developments include:

  • Use of Micro-CT Scanning Visualisations to Improve Interpretation of Formation Damage Laboratory Tests. Click here to view COREX published SPE paper.
  • Development of Full sequence coreholders for improved testing
  • Development of reservoir condition slurry testing
  • Improved sample preparation for unconsolidated reservoirs
Q: What have COREX actually / materially delivered within the last 12 months which has directly improved a client’s business performance?

A: COREX continuously deliver relevant high quality core analysis data to our clients’ that has been used in their field development models directly improving their business performance.

Q: What is the COREX strategy over the next year and the next 5 year period?

A: COREX strategy over the next 5 years is to enhance our customer service through a combination of new services; increase our laboratory capacity and worldwide operations and improve timing through increased project management training for all staff. Adopting this strategy will allow us to meet and exceed our vision statement ‘to create geotechnical laboratories that are centres of excellence within their territory and technical discipline.’

Q: What Management Systems accreditation do you currently have for your core services?

A: COREX are committed to ensuring that we meet both industry standards and the requirements of our clients’. Both our main laboratories in the UK and Egypt are certified to The British Standards Institution (BSI) to Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. This gives assurance to the client that the data we provide is measured on maintained and calibrated equipment, according to documented procedures, by trained personnel. All other laboratories are working towards the same standard and are in the process of obtaining certification. COREX (UK) is also certified by BSI for Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Q: How do COREX promote a positive culture towards HSSE matters and ensure that HSSE risks and hazards at the work site are identified, managed, controlled and minimised?

A: COREX aim to achieve and maintain zero accidents and zero reportable incidents in our work place. To prevent accidents, we manage safety in a systematic way and introduce simple and clear requirements that are easier to understand and follow. We work hard to keep our staff, visitors and contractors safe by focusing on compliance and engaging any issues that can lead to unsafe behaviour. We create awareness on the importance of HSSE by providing training on relevant topics and conduct HSE committee meetings thereby involving staff in taking decisions pertaining to HSE. We focus on employees’ health and continuous improvement of the work environment. We conduct operations through ethical and efficient use of resources with minimum waste and damage to the environment. COREX (UK) is certified by BSI for Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007.

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Q: When does COREX report financial results?

A: The Company's year end is December 31 with full year audited accounts reported the following September.

Q: Where can I obtain a copy of reports and accounts?

A: If you would like to obtain a copy of reports or annual accounts please contact sales@corex.co.uk or click here to fill in the quick enquiry form.

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