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Training - A basic Introduction to NMR

Course Title: A basic Introduction to NMR

Course Reference Code: NMR/UK/003

Course Duration: Duration 3 Day

A basic introductory three-day course in NMR. The course focuses on NMR core data, which is available to all countries throughout the world. Using NMR core data as a learning tool has significant advantages for individuals not yet ready to use NMR logs because:

  • NMR core data is easy to understand in comparison with wireline logs, which require significant filtering to obtain high quality data
  • The principles used to interpret NMR logs evolved from NMR core data and their understanding NMR core data is a natural introduction to NMR logs
  • NMR core data is universally available through global or country-specific databases

The basic course draws on information from a global database. Exercises focuses on understanding the main NMR interpretation parameters, and how they fit with other petrophysical data. The exercises use one of the individual datasets in the global database.

Course Content:

Understanding NMR Technology

  • Course Objectives
  • Basic principles of NMR Physics
  • Technology overview

Working with NMR Data

  • Pore geometry
  • Concepts and applications
  • Exercises on understanding NMR data and determining T2 cutoff

Overview of NMR Logs and Interpretation Principles

  • Introduction, overview
  • Signal processing, phi, BVI, k models
  • Comparison of CMR and MRIL

Who should attend:

  • Geologists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Petrophysicists

Please note: Corex does not offer open courses in NMR technology but instead provides customised, in-house courses to fit company and individual requirement.


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