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X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Analysis

To determine the quantity and mineralogy of rock samples, COREX offer x-ray diffraction (XRD) powder analysis. XRD analysis data are provided in form of a Whole Rock Mineral Analysis and of the Clay Fraction <2micron. XRD Analysis is a mandatory technique to the petroleum industry in order to obtain reliable semi-quantitative data to highlight various aspects vital to reservoir assessment.

Corex’s XRD Analysis services are outlined below:

  • Our experienced Reservoir Geologists can provide modal analyses of whole rock and clay fraction minerals in order to define the volumetric mineral composition. High contents of clay minerals for instance, may give a first estimation on porosities and permeabilities in siliciclastic rocks, high amounts of dolomite, anhydrite and salt, may allow first assessments concerning porosities / permeabilities in carbonates.

  • XRD analysis allows the interpretation of mineral data (especially clay mineral), in terms of the changing environmental / climatic conditions, depositional environments and their thermal history (e.g. illite crystallinity). This interpretation helps specify, for example sequence stratigraphical interpretations, and trace the thermal history of a basin.


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