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Thin Section Analysis (hot shot petrographic service also available)

Detailed qualitative thin section descriptions and interpretations are provided from 75x25mm slides of 30 micron thickness (standard). Data may be semi-quantitatively substantiated by point counting service (generally 300 counts / slide). Results are visualized by at least 3 photomicrographs (standard) per sample.

Our expert geologists can provide the following thin section analysis services:

  • Description and analysis of the characteristics and distribution of detrital and authigenic minerals; including their grain shape, grain size, grain sorting and packing (textural features) and solution behaviour. The description and analysis permits the porosities / permeabilities to be traced on the basis of the properties of the detrital component and the plugging potential of authigenic minerals.
    Click here for further details about porosity, vug types and permeability for reservoir assessment information flyer
  • We are able to highlight the diagenetic paths encountered in the sample by describing, commenting and interpreting: stages of compaction, early and late diagenetic solution / cementation (burial history) and paths of carbonate or clay minerals and their impact on the development of the pore/vug system. This is vitally important with regards to assessing the reservoir quality of the sample.
  • Determine and interpret the standardised facies types in order to reconstruct the paleoenvironmental setting and its potential to generate source or host rocks.
    Click here for further details about paleoenvironments and reservoir potential information flyer

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