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Geological Field Work and Mapping

Mapping capabilities encompass the entire process from fieldwork and data capture to final map production. Mapping results can be presented in printed form or as thematic digital datasets that may be visualized as three-dimensional block models.

Corex can offer the following field mapping Services:

  • We can provide a thorough description of rock type and its sedimentological / paleontological properties. Along with the results of geochemical and geophysical investigations, this data can provide Clients a sound basis for assessment of oil / gas resource potential, e.g. their porosities and permeabilities.
    Click here for further details about porosity, vug types and permeability for reservoir assessment

  • Stratigraphic analysis for implementing the data into the regional stratigraphic time scale by mapping and correlating outcrops on a larger scale.
    Click here for further details about stratigraphic setting of single and correlation of multiple wells for reservoir assessment

  • Describing and interpreting standard facies types by lithology and fauna occurrences, thus allowing the reconstruction of depositional environments and their potential to develop favourable conditions for either host or source rocks
    Click here for further details about paleoenvironments and reservoir potential

  • Providing detailed data for facies types, successions and sequence stratigraphic analysis on in order to reconstruct basinal settings and paleoenvironmental structures and thus help to evaluate the generation and reconstruct the provenance of a potential hydrocarbon source or migration paths to reservoir rocks.
    Click here for further details about basinal settings for reservoir assessment

  • Thorough facies analysis and reconstruction of structural characteristics in order to encounter stratigraphic or other structural traps and seals which may act as suitable host rocks. Such structures may comprise coarse sandstone bodies: occluded by superjacent clay layers, reef structures, salt domes or anticlinal traps.
    Click here for further details about traps and seals for reservoir assessment.


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