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Core Logging and Interpretation

COREX's highly experience sedimentologists are able to provide detailed sedimentological core descriptions, in house or at client's premises. The studies are preformed at a scale of 1:50, or as required by the Client, with the core descriptions being drafted using industry standard Wellcad software. More detailed drafting techniques and illustration are also added using ACDSee Canvas and Adobe Illustrator software. If the Client requires, COREX are able to have the core log re-drafted or electronically re-scaled to a 1:200 scale and presented in a well summary sheet alongside wireline and CCA data."

corelog_sm.jpgCOREX Core logging and interpretation services include:

  • By providing a thorough description of rock type, and its sedimentological / paleontological properties, Clients are given an initial insight as to the reservoir potential of the cored rock. Assessments about the reservoir potential can be made by means of mineral composition, grain size and other textural properties and a macroscopic analysis of the pore / fracture system in the rock.
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  • COREX offers stratigraphic analysis for implementation into the regional stratigraphic time scale, on a single well basis or by multi well correlation.
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  • We can provide detailed data for standard facies types and faunal successions, and sequence stratigraphic analysis on a single or multi-well basis in order to reconstruct basinal settings and paleoenvironmental structures. Our clients can then use this data to help to evaluate location, generation and provenance of a potential hydrocarbon source.
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  • Thorough facies analysis and reconstruction of structural characteristics in order to encounter stratigraphic or other structural traps and seals and assess their suitability to form reservoir rocks. Examples of such structures could be coarse sandstones occluded by superjacent clay layers, reef structures, salt domes or anticlinal traps.
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