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Service Stable Isotope Analysis and Organic Geochemistry

chem_hydrocarbon_maturity_184.gifStable isotopes can be analysed from core and outcrop samples. There exists a wide range of possibilities to apply stable isotopes; oxygen, carbon, heavy hydrogen and strontium isotopes are the most commonly used elements to help in reservoir assessment. To determine geochemical properties of potential source rocks, services for organic carbon determinations (total organic carbon (TOC), rock evaluation, vitrinite reflection) are a powerful tool to specify the characteristics of a potential hydrocarbon source.

The stable isotope analysis and organic geochemistry services provided at COREX are:

  • Correlation of single or multiple carbonate / sulphate rocks by means of Strontium isotope stratigraphy. Strontium isotope stratigraphy relies on recognised variations in the 87Sr/86Sr ratio of seawater over time. In Cenozoic sequences, Sr isotope stratigraphy is widely used for dating and may yield higher resolution in limited stratigraphic intervals than more conventional biostratigraphic correlation techniques. In particular where other stratigraphic methods are not applicable, Sr-stratigraphy offers petroleum explorationists the opportunity to develop an accurate time framework.
    Click here for further details about stratigraphic setting of single and correlation of multiple wells for reservoir assessment.

We can provide a broad spectrum of isotope data for multiple purposes:

  1. Carbon and oxygen isotope data help trace and discover information on the cementation history of a rock, and to reconstruct paleoenvironmental / -climatological conditions.
  2. Sulfur, nitrogen and carbon isotopes may give evidence about bacterial biomarkers involved in hydrocarbon maturation / degradation history.
  3. Heavy hydrogen (deuterium) and carbon isotopes are a powerful tool to gain insight in petroleum provinces and maturity grades.

Click here for further details about paleoenvironments and reservoir potential and provenance and maturity grade of hydrocarbons.

  • COREX can provide geochemical data (TOC, Rock Evaluation) and organic petrographic data, (Vitrinite reflectance, fluid inclusions) in order to determine the provenance and maturity of a potential hydrocarbon source and to trace the thermal history of the depositional area.
    Click here for further details about provenance and maturity grade of hydrocarbons.


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