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Paleontological Analysis

COREX can provide our clients with a detailed determination and analysis of a large variety of fossil organisms. Preparation and gathering of fossils is dependent on the type of fossils to be considered. COREX has a wide range of subcontractors with excellent expertise to help with the biostratigraphic analysis required.

COREX’s Paleontological analysis services comprise of:

  • Determination of macro-, micro-, and nannofossils in order to arrange the data into the regional or international time scale.
    Click here for further details about stratigraphic setting of single and correlation of multiple wells for reservoir assessment information flyer.

  • Determination of macro-, micro-, and nannofossils in order to implement them into a paleoenvironmental facies model. What's more it can also be correlated with paleoclimatological information obtained by the micro- and nannofauna and flora (palynology). All of this information may help in reconstructing depositional areas of particular paleoenvironments or basinal settings which allow for suitable conditions generating source rocks or for host or deposits.
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  • Describing and interpreting solution paths of faunal skeletons contributing to overall porosities (e.g. early diagenetic dissolution of aragonite, high-Mg tests and shells), where conditions allow.
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