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Geochemical Analysis

Organic Geochemistry

We provide a complete analytical service in organic geochemistry for exploration and production companies, worldwide. These services extend to environmental monitoring and the determination of the source of gases using stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes.

GEOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Industry-standard analyses (TOC,RE) are offered along with the more specialised gas, gasoline and oil analyses. High-resolution GC-MS and stable isotope analyses.

PRODUCTION GEOCHEMISTRY: Gas, gasoline and high-resolution GC, GC-MS and isotope analyses applied to reservoir continuity studies.

FIELD STUDIES: Field collection of rock, oil and gas seepages. Experience in leading field trips in the search for oil and gas. Provision of geochemical sampling kits.

INTERPRETATION AND REPORTING: Geochemical data, whether generated in-house, or from other sources can be interpreted and integrated with any other geological data to produce reports tailored to the clients' requirements.

BASIN MODELLING: Illustrating the effect of overpressure on the vitrinite reflectance as observed in geological basins as modelled in the PresRo model. The data shows that at 250oC the vitrinite reflectance will be >3% Ro (red minor gas generation), whereas the effect of 8000 psi of overpressure at 250oC is to retard the vitrinite reflectance such that it still remains in the oil window (green).

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