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After 15-years of applications, NMR logging technology is now a standard technique for both acquiring rock properties and solving difficult formation evaluation problems.

COREX's NMR facility is committed to helping clients reduce tool and data uncertainty by providing quality data, benchmarking results, integrating the data with NMR log interpretation, and providing unique sedimentological analyses.

Within our facility, COREX has recently acquired a new Maran Ultra NMR core analyser. The Maran Ultra is the industry standard for NMR measurements. All major oil companies and wireline companies use this instrument to assist in benchmarking NMR log data. The COREX instrument is the first commercial NMR core analyser in North Africa.

We can apply the same methods to log data that we do to the lab data. The combined sedimentological and NMR laboratory study therefore creates the benchmark for testing the reliability of the log interpretation. Consequently, the simple, and inexpensive act of adding NMR to enhance sedimentological studies starts the progressive transformation from reporting microscopic, observational data to reporting reservoir-scale, quantitative, data.

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