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Native Formation Rock / fluid / fluid interaction

Injection or Disposal Water Quality

Formation Damage associated with injection/disposal water wells should be minimised in order to achieve maximum possible injectivity. Formation Damage problems associated with injection/disposal can be very different to those associated with production. COREX recommends and conducts reservoir conditions simulations of injection fluids and procedures in order to measure and observe damaging mechanisms.

COREX employs corrosion free testing apparatus in order to determine injection water quality in relation to particular rock types or reservoir.

Several standards tests are available:-

Filtration Requirements for hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles.

Compatibility Testing examining reactions between injected and reservoir fluids in the reservoir pore space at reservoir conditions.

Formation Sensitivity problems such as fines migration or clay mineral reaction with injected fluid.

Scale and corrosion Inhibitor requirements and evaluation.

Formation Brine Flood Test

form_brine_flood_002b.jpgRe-injection of formation brine into the oil leg showing residual oil droplets adhering to the framework grains. The plug's wettability is mixed oil/water (mainly water wet) even down to a single framework grain.


Water Compatibility

Untreated sample

This view shows the untreated plug which has undergone to prior flood test analysis to determine the natural cements and clays present. The only cement type is quartz, and no clays were observed.


Treated sample formation brine flood test

This view shows the plug after formation brine has been flooded through it at reservoir conditions. A scale composed of calcium carbonate (aragonite) has precipitated due to a brine/rock incompatibility.


Scale inhibitor plus formation brine

This view shows the plug after an inhibitor squeeze program followed by formation brine. No aragonite scale has formed and only an inhibitor scale is visible. The inhibitor has effectively prevented scale formation.









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