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Formation Damage

Formation Damage can be defined as, "a reduction in permeability around a wellbore, which is the consequence of drilling, completion, injection, attempted stimulation or production of that well."

Formation Damage can cause significant decreases in well productivity and worldwide yearly lost production due to Formation Damage is equivalent to billions of dollars in lost revenue. Identification and reduction of Formation Damage problems can lead to immediate returns in the form of increased production rates and extension of the life of any field.

COREX are the world leaders in Formation Damage analysis and have the biggest independent Formation Damage Laboratory facility, which is able to simulate the Formation Damage problems in specialised laboratories.

Our aim is to increase your productivity or injectivity by use of innovative testing procedures to examine oil and gas wells and diagnose their past or future problems. For these reasons, oil companies worldwide have been using COREX testing to evaluate Formation Damage for more than ten years.

At COREX we pride ourselves on our currently expanding laboratory capabilities which can be seen by the services we have developed. Our Formation Damage Group has recently introduced a new approach to the provision of Formation Damage laboratory services and expertise. The new approach involves a lease of available services and tests for use by regular customers. Many of our clients ask us for a Formation Damage diagnosis. Get your diagnosis from COREX, the principal Consultants of Formation Damage.

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