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Geoscience applications include:

  • Petrographic analysis of core (clastic or carbonate) samples including visual observations of morphology, elemental composition and identification of minerals, elemental maps for mineral distribution, and EBSD for crystallography includes interpretation of laboratory test data by examination and comparison of samples before and after testing.
  • Visualisation of fluid distributions and wettability using cryo SEM and ESEM.
  • Visualisation of soluble scale precipitates and elemental composition.
  • Visualisation of bacteria, microbacteria, and bacterial products.
  • Visualisation of oilfield hardware: microscopic, high-magnification, examination of oilfield hardware including completion hardware, filtration media, tubulars/pipes, and other equipment where corrosion or failure analysis may be required.
  • Visualisation of emulsions or micro emulsions in supplied fluids.


Other applications include:

  • Environmental: characterisations of particles and contaminants, examination of materials, soils etc.
  • Chemical/petrochemical: fluid and solid visualisation and characterisation, pharmaceutical applications such as particle size and medicine structures, particle and contaminant characterisation.
  • Electronics: characterisation of materials, defect and quality control.
  • Metallurgy: characterisation of phases, texture and strain identification, quality control.
  • Nuclear: examination of materials, textures, compositions, defect and quality control.
  • Ceramics: examination of textures and composition
  • Industry: high-resolution identification of particles, textures, compositions, defects etc, powder morphology and size.
  • Materials science: high-resolution identification of particles, textures, compositions, defects etc.
  • Mining: similar to geosciences applications including characterisation, visualisation, and crystallography on materials and metals.
  • Biology: visualisation of samples at resolutions as high as nanometres, including the use of ESEM and cryo SEM techniques to analyse samples without damage.
  • Food: characterisation of parameters such as texture, structure, distribution of components and ingredients etc.

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