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Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis

COREX's Routine Core Analysis-RCA-Conventional Core Analysis-CCA combines bulk core handling and processing, with statistically targeted point analysis, aimed at the quantification of a series of key petrophysical parameters, to assist in oil recovery. There is an emphasis on rapid turnaround to assist the client in the initial phase of formation evaluation and in the preservation of the rock material for future and complementary examination. Providing hot-shot and rapid turnaround data is crucial for feasibility studies, case studies and developing methods or techniques for field planning and development strategies of wells, fields and reservoir engineering, pilot testing. Whether it’s a gas well, oil well or condensate well Corex have a Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis service to meet your needs.

Corex bring decades of experience in: unconsolidated sample testing, fractured carbonates, sensitive clays and whole core analysis. Realising how important providing fast turnaround data and calculations are for future modelling Corex have developed a core cleaning system which is the largest facility in Europe, whereby we can clean up to 2500 per  core plugs per month or 150 whole core samples.


Our Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis services commences at the wellsite, extends through the laboratory and ends in the core store. To ensure this sequence satisfies the objectives of the programme, it is important to have a strategic plan in place before coring commences. COREX encourages its active participation in the planning process of Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis development programs and offers a complimentary service from one of our specialist experts Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis consultants, drawing upon the wealth of experience garnered by its personnel over the past 35 years of active participation in oil and gas exploration and development. Our Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis consultants can provide testing methods and solutions where there are potential problems, such as unconsolidated sand, fractured carbonates or a sensitive clay fractions, these can be addressed and the necessary equipment, materials and methodology put in place to prevent disruption and the generation of erroneous data.

The elements of COREX's Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis testing programme and final report, provided by our company are summarized below:

  • Wellsite Core Handling: Offshore and Onshore
  • Equipment and Storage Rental
  • Lithological Description
  • Plug Analysis
  • Whole Core Analysis
  • Sidewall Core Analysis
  • Core CT Scanning
  • Micro CT Scanning
  • Plug cutting and trimming
  • Plug & Whole Core Cleaning by Soxhlet, Stanlin Pressurised Cleaning or Miscible Flush Cleaning
  • Humidity Oven Drying
  • Critical Point Drying
  • Core Slabbing
  • Core Resination
  • Core Preservation
  • Dean Stark Analysis
  • Klinkenberg
  • Fluid Saturation Profiling
  • Sample cleaning and drying
  • Porosity and permeability
  • Probe Permeability-Probe Permeametry
  • Spectral Core Gamma
  • Core plug 360 degree white light and Ultra-Violet photography interactive 3d image
  • Whole 360 degree white light and Ultra-Violet photography interactive 3d image
  • Whole Core 360 degree white light and Ultra-Violet photography, high resolution
  • Core Archiving
  • Mobile Routine Core Analysis-Conventional Core Analysis Laboratory


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